Dire Antiquities

April 24, 2011 - Spring time in Saarland


Finally we introduce our eccentric "Narrator". Not too much to say otherwise, unfortunately. I've been enjoying the sun here. Gonna try to go for another bike ride down the scenic Saar River... Well, the river itself isn't that scenic. In fact, it's rather disgusting. But that doesn't matter, as the river is lined with Biergartens, spaced roughly equidistant from eachother as you head into France. One of our favorites is a rather quaint Biergarten with a placard showing a duck dressed in a cute chef's outfit serving a platter with one of its roasted brethren, presumably to the human overlords and not to another duck... Although I suppose the cannibal duck idea is slightly more disturbing. Oh well. The beer is delicious. Speaking of which, I think I will head out for a bike ride to enjoy the last day of my long weekend. Hope you all have a chance to do the same! Cheers!

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