Dire Antiquities

April 17, 2011 - Epic Fail


Well, sort of a late page. Sorry about that. This week has been a little hectic, and doesn't show any signs of improving until friday. However, I am looking forward to the long easter weekend. Lots of time to work on the next page or two, and hopefully finish some of the extra material I've been working on.

Not entirely sure how, but lately this week I've been sleeping way too much. Having some amusing dreams, too. Last night, for example, I dreamt that I was Tony Soprano, and had to try to figure out which of my friends was plotting to murder me. Turns out that everyone was in on it. Then there was something involving a T-Rex on skiis and a crazy gunfight on a train... Not really a punchline to it. Although it was amusing waking up with my arms completely dead and flailing them at the alarm clock furiously.

K, time to hit the sack. Hope you enjoy the latest page!

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